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North Carolina is home to the largest offshore wind resource on the east coast as well as more than 55 land-based wind manufacturing and service companies. While wind energy accounted for only .4% of North Carolina’s total generation capacity in 2021, state goals set by Governor Cooper’s EO 218 aim for 30 gw by 2030. Several projects already exist in the pipeline in various stages.

For offshore wind, this includes the Kitty Hawk Wind Energy Area held by Avangrid Renewables. The site was leased in 2017 for $9,066,650 and is predicted to produce up to 2.5GW in its 122,405 acres. Further South is the Carolina Long Bay Wind Energy Area which is actually split into two lease areas of approximately the same size. Lease area OCS-A 0545 was sold to TotalEnergies for $160 million in May 2022, while lease area OCS546 was sold to Duke Energy for $155 million. They hold a combined capacity of approximately 1.3 GW across its 110,091 acres.

Land-based wind in North Carolina exists mostly on the Eastern side of the state. AWFUSE or Amazing Wind Farm US East was built by Avangrid Renwables and is North Carolina’s first wind farm. Fully operational in 2017, the farm spans 22,000 acres across Pasquotank and Perquiman counties, with only 200 acres of that footprint actually occupied by facilities (turbines, substations, O&M buildings). The total of 104 turbines deliver 208 mw of power. Additionally, the Timbermill wind project by Apex Clean Energy is located in Chowan County, NC and is estimated to deliver 189mw. This project is still under development with operation estimated to start in December 2024.

Interested in offshore wind in North Carolina? Checkout our OSW4NC site to see how we have built a coalition of conservation and environmental advocacy groups to responsibly develop North Carolina’s offshore wind capacity.

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