Virginia has long been a leader in maritime industries, and the Commonwealth is paving the way for offshore wind development in the Southeast. The state’s coastline offers a promising locale for offshore wind due to the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf’s expansive, shallow waters, which are conducive to the installation of wind turbines. 

Virginia’s potential to become an industry hub is bolstered by its strategic geographic location, which not only provides access to strong and consistent wind resources but also positions the state as a potential leader in the Mid-Atlantic for offshore wind energy development.

Virginia's Advantage
  • Robust shipbuilding and repair industry
  • World-class university and community college system
  • 18+ manufacturers capable of creating components for turbines and transmission needs
  • Virginia voters support offshore wind
  • 3 wind energy areas in close proximity 


Recognizing this potential, Virginia has taken proactive steps to harness offshore wind energy as part of its broader strategy to diversify its energy mix and reduce carbon emissions

Project Pipeline

These projects position Virginia to reach its wind energy procurement goals outlined in the 2020 Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), which calls for 5,200 MW of offshore wind and 16,100 MW of onshore wind or solar by 2035.

Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW): As the largest offshore wind project in the country, CVOW will produce 2,600 MW of electricity once operational in 2026. 

  • Developed by Dominion Energy
  • Largest offshore wind project in development in the United States
  • 176 X 14.7 MW Siemens Gamesa turbines
  • 2.6 GW total capacity – enough to power 660,000 homes annually
  • Will support ~1,100 jobs
  • Scheduled for 2026 completion


Kitty Hawk Wind: The Kitty Hawk North offshore wind area, currently leased by Avangrid Renewables, has the potential to provide up to 1.1 GW of clean energy into Virginia. This project is slated to begin construction in 2028, further cementing the project pipeline that will sustain the offshore wind industry in the Commonwealth. 

Rocky Forge Wind Farm: Inland, Virginia will be the site of the Rocky Forge Wind Farm in Botetourt County, which will provide 75 MW of clean energy to communities in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


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