Lohan, Karly

Karly Lohan

North Carolina Program and Outreach Manager

Karly joined the Southeastern Wind Coalition in January 2022. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2021 with an MS in Coastal and Ocean Policy, completing a capstone on the economic and environmental impacts of hazardous waste trade on developing nations. Karly is also a graduate of Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD, and holds a BS in Biology.

In her role, Karly leads SEWC’s work to reduce barriers for offshore and land based wind development in North Carolina through grassroots and grasstop outreach. Through this work, Karly coordinates coalition building efforts for Offshore Wind for North Carolina (OSW4NC), which provides a platform for stakeholder groups to get involved in offshore wind policy and regulatory issues.

Karly also coordinates the communications strategy for SEWC’s 11-state footprint, which includes message development, advocacy, and social media management to provide credible resources, educate stakeholders, and garner support for wind.

Prior to joining SEWC, Karly collaborated with environmental grassroots organizations on various issues including water quality, plastic pollution, and coastal restoration, and more.

Karly lives in Jacksonville, NC, and volunteers on the board of directors for a local natural food co-op that works to foster and nourish the health of the individual, community and planet by offering natural, sustainable, and local products. In her free time, Karly is at the beach or in the garden with her yellow lab, Dudley.