Camille Manning-Broome

Camille Manning-Broome

President and CEO


Camille Manning-Broome is the President and CEO of the Center for Planning Excellence, an innovative nonprofit that delivers visionary plans, model land use tools, and policy guidance to the state of Louisiana and its local governments. Camille’s leadership on issues around climate adaptation, climate-induced migration, people-first infrastructure, and resident-led community planning has contributed to the transformation of cities, towns and parishes throughout Louisiana, and her expertise is sought out by peers across the globe. She has been instrumental in developing a whole-of-government framework for integrating climate data and risk management into state decision making. Her collaborations with international partners have placed Louisiana in the center of the conversation around climate change issues, promoting a bold, inclusive, and sustainable vision for the future while ensuring Louisiana maintains its unique strengths. Through her work, Camille prioritizes resilience, equity, and preservation of cultural and social ties for all residents, with emphasis on populations facing challenges associated with historical disinvestment, land loss, and changing climate conditions.

Camille’s prior career experience includes work in nonprofit, private, and government sectors. After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, she was among the first planners on the ground, working across 36 parishes to develop the Louisiana Speaks regional plan. She served as Assistant Deputy of Operations for FEMA’s Long-Term Community Recovery group and was later recruited to the Shaw Group, a multi-national engineering firm, where she co-authored Louisiana’s first Coastal Master Plan. She has attended Congressional delegation trips to the Netherlands, Japan, and the UK to study water and disaster management.  She most recently was part of the Governor of Louisiana’s delegation participating in the U.N. Conference of the Parties 26 in Scotland.

Camille serves on the Board of Directors for Smart Growth America, Center for Planning Excellence, Helix Aviation Academy, and Helix Legal Academy and is an appointed Commissioner of the Capital Area Groundwater Conservation District. She has been published in a number of scientific journals and national publications, adding to the body of work at the intersection of climate resilience and adaptation planning. Camille has a B.A. in Art History and a M.S. in Environmental Sciences from the College of the Coast and Environment at Louisiana State University.