Supply Chain Initiatives

Despite the very small amount of utility scale wind installed, the Southeast is home to a significant portion of the industry’s manufacturing supply chain. At present, there are at least 112 manufacturing facilities in the 11 southeastern states that provide components to the wind industry.

The Southeast is also home to some of the greatest ports and logistics infrastructure in the country. With deep channels, ample lay down space, and a skilled maritime workforce, the region’s port system is well-positioned with direct or transferrable skills to support the wind industry, both land-based and offshore.

Because of these advantages, wind energy provides a tremendous economic development opportunity for the Southeast. As land-based and offshore wind projects develop, an ecosystem of co-located supplier follows, expanding upon our existing strengths and presenting an opportunity for significant growth.

Supply Chain Asset Map

This effort involves a comprehensive review and summary of existing wind industry supply chain assets in the region. The database includes current suppliers in the wind industry and companies in the region with the potential to begin supplying the wind industry. Both land-based and offshore focused companies are included. This effort aggregates work already completed at the individual state level and by groups like the Global Wind Network (GLWN) and the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

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